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You'll have a Professional, Careful, and Dependable Mover. Service that's backed by Top Notch Quality, Integrity, and Solutions for Your Entire Move. Because you'll Enjoy Peace of Mind with your move!

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Dmitri was prompt and a great help. Worked solid through the 2 hour process and we both got a good sweat in together and got it all done as planned.

Jeffery M. | Arlingtom, MA

(Reviewed on 11/11/18)

First of all, in the morning of my move he calls to say that he will be 15 min late and later calls again to say because of daytime saving time change he was 45 min earlier? When he did arrive and waited for me, he looked so suspicious to the neighbor next door that they called the police. When I go

Jeonghae W. | Jamaica Plain, MA

(Reviewed on 11/8/18)

Courteous, Helpful and highly professional.

Chaitanya J. | Weymouth, MA

(Reviewed on 10/9/18)


(Reviewed on 10/2/18)

I couldn't have done it without him. Very pleased with his work

Kelechi E. | Boston, MA

(Reviewed on 9/29/18)

Communication was prompt and professional. Demetrios was a huge help. He even repaired a broken front door step mid-move. Demetrios organized the van as we were loading. I had no ropes or moving pads or experience packing a U-Haul and thanks to American Movers I made it to my final destination witho

Natalie M. | Cambridge, MA

(Reviewed on 9/26/18)

Stephen S. | Scituate, MA

(Reviewed on 9/16/18)

Nancy L. | Whitehall, MT

(Reviewed on 9/9/18)

Great at packing the van very well and keeping things secure and safe. Sensitive to keeping my stuff clean and safe. Punctual and mostly professional. Friendly. Listened to my concerns and wishes. Helped with the awful task that is parallel parking. Overall, good. Only real complaint was he reminded

Douglas H. | Waltham, MA

(Reviewed on 9/6/18)

You'll have a professional mover with a background in business. Care, and Attention to Detail throughout Your Entire Move. Because you'll Enjoy a Smooth Move Anywhere, and Piece Of Mind!

A corporate customer enjoying Halloween and the holidays with her colleagues, and I in the mascot costume next to her. The move went very well for her. She is very pleased with the service provided.

You'll enjoy the service of a good mover. Because your furniture will be Treated with Care and Each Tier Built Built Straight and Solid. Because you'll Enjoy a Smooth Move Anywhere, and Peace Of Mind!

You'll have a professional mover you can Trust and Depend On. Your office furniture and boxes will be Treated Carefully and Handled Professionally. Because your items will remain in same condition.

You'll be Relieved of Time helping you prepare for your upcoming move. Because you'll be helped to declutter, pack, and arrange furniture and boxes. Because You'll be Prepared on the Day of Your Move.